Baseball Drills for Hitting: How To Increase Your Chances Big Time of Making Solid Contact With This Baseball Drill!

by Vinny Mazzurco on

Here is an awesome Baseball Drills for Hitting video I made to teach you nearly how to predict the future through reading the seams of the baseball and seeing how the ball actually rotates in mid air to pick up if the pitch is a curveball, fastball, changeup, slider, etc. before the pitch even gets to home plate.

This will help you recognize the pitch early and increase your chances BIG TIME of making solid contact and getting a base hit or home run!  Click play to learn how to add this to your hitting drills now! ENJOY!

“Like” the video if you like it and in the comments section below the video, tell me what strategy you currently use for learning how to recognize what pitch is coming when at bat.

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Brian September 19, 2012 at

Wow, my couches never told me about any of this when I was a kid playing baseball. No wonder I was never any good.


Roger September 19, 2012 at

Very good sound advice for hitting.
I’ve shared this with my older boy (17) and will show the video to my younger one (11) tonight.
Thanks again.


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